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  • LIVE virtual Q&A events with Santa and everyone's favorite snow sisters, Elsa & Anna!

    Ever wonder what Santa's favorite holiday cookie is or if the snow sisters play with snow inside their castle? Get all your questions read for our LIVE virtual Q&A events with Santa Claus and everyone's favorite snow sisters, Elsa & Anna! Join us on Zoom for these FREE family Events. Space is limited, so register today!

  • Friday, November 26, at 7 p.m.  - Q&A with Santa

    Presented by RCM&D/RCM&D Foundation

    Watch the Q&A with Santa
  • Saturday, November 27, at 9 a.m. - Q&A with Elsa & Anna

    Presented by H&S Family of Bakeries

    Watch the Princess Q&A

Holiday Favorites

Presented by Kelly Benefits
  • Milkshake - A holiday Concert

    Grammy-nominated childrens' band Milkshake performs all their holiday favorites presented by Erickson Senior Living

  • Fun with Trains

    Fun with Trains: Enjoy this special tour of the home layouts of our favorite Festival train engineers!

  • Big Band Holiday Performance

    Ain't Misbehavin' Big Band: A traditional Big Band playing classics and holiday favorites.

  • Music Time

    Music Time Warm-Up with Ms. Nikki, Kennedy Krieger Institute Music Therapist.

  • Snowmen Sing-A-Long

    Five Little Snowmen Sing-A-Long with Ms. Nikki, Kennedy Krieger Institute Music Therapist.

  • Jingle Bells Freeze Dance

    Jingle Bells Freeze Dance with Ms. Nikki, Kennedy Krieger Institute Music Therapist.

  • Nutcracker Mirror Dancing

    Nutcracker Mirror Dancing with Ms. Nikki, Kennedy Krieger Institute Music Therapist.

  • Nutcracker Ballet (Act 2)

    White Marsh Ballet Academy presents the Nutcracker Ballet (Act 2).

Fun for the Whole Family

Presented By The Baltimore Life Companies
  • Animal Antics

    Animal Antics by Wildlife Adventures: Meet a few animals and learn how to get movin' and groovin', Wildlife style.

  • Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

    Wildlife Adventures presents "Why did the chicken cross the road?" and other animal jokes to make you giggle.

  • A Top Hat Tale

    A Top Hat Tale by Dave Thomen of D’s Magic. Discover a method to make a hero and see what appears from D’s hat to include Donatello, his family pet.

  • Tea Time

    The Princess Company presents Tea Time with Alice and Sleeping Beauty.

  • Pam the Kindersinger

    "It's Christmas!" presented by Pam the Kindersinger: Join Pam the Kindersinger for Freeze Dance, Sing-Alongs, and Dance-Alongs, and much more!

  • Elfis by Katie Ruskey

    Author Katie Ruskey presents her book Elfis, the story of an Elf who wants to be a Rock Star!

  • Elfcation by Katie Ruskey

    Author Katie Ruskey presents her book Elfcation, tune in to find out what happens when Santa gives his Elves a vacation!

  • Kangaroo Kids

    Kangaroo Kids: A precision jump rope team spreading the love of jump rope.

  • Irish Dance

    Teelin Irish Dance: Traditional Steps, Innovative Style.

  • Ballet Showcase

    Contempic School of Ballet: Dance Showcase

  • Dance Expressions

    Dance Expressions: Enjoy the artistry of the performers who inspire and entertain through movement.

  • Ballet with Cindee Velle

    Ballet with Cindee Velle presents "Dance and Rejuvenate!"

  • Baltimore County Youth Ballet

    Baltimore County Youth Ballet presents "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year"

  • Step Ahead Dance Center

    Happy Holidays from a Step Ahead Dance Center!

Patient Stories

  • Sam's Story

    Meet Sam, a 10-year-old patient with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Sam has been a patient of Kennedy Krieger Institute’s Center for Autism and Related Disorders for the past four years. Last summer, his Kennedy Krieger care team diagnosed him with epilepsy, a not uncommon diagnosis for children with ASD. Since starting on epilepsy medication, "It’s like the world opened up for him, his mother, Bethel, says. “He was finally able to understand us and express himself... He just became a part of the world."

  • Penny's Story

    Meet Penny, a 3-year-old patient with cerebral palsy. After having hip surgery on December of 2020, Penny came to Kennedy Krieger for an inpatient therapy stay and today continues her therapy through Kennedy Krieger's outpatient therapy. When Penny first came to Kennedy Krieger, she had to use her walker to stand. With help from her therapists at Kennedy Krieger, and the use of the PediaCORE system, Penny can now stand on her own with her therapist holding her at her side. Penny has made incredible and life-changing progress that has got her moving again.

  • Nolan's Story

    Meet Nolan, a Kennedy Krieger patient with cerebral palsy. Following a difficulty at birth, Nolan developed a brain bleed that affects one half of his body. The muscles on one side of Nolan's body are tighter than the other, making walking and standing difficult. When coming to Kennedy Krieger, Nolan was enrolled in the Specialized Treatment Program. Using the PediaCORE system has allowed Nolan to reach and stretch in ways he hasn't before, and strengthen his muscles. Kennedy Krieger has provided Nolan and his family with a stepping stone to a brighter future.

  • Julia's Story

    Meet Julia. After obtaining a blood clot on her spinal cord, 4-year-old Julia came to Kennedy Krieger Institute from Canada for treatment. It was within the walls of therapy where she met 24 year-old Kristen McAllister, a Transverse Myelitis patient from Tennessee. Kristen explains the unlikely bond that formed between the two, and how Julia has inspired her to never give up hope.

  • Creed's Story

    Our special education schools serve students whose learning needs cannot be met by public schools. Meet Creed, 12, and learn how our Fairmount Campus has helped him improve his speech, social, and problem-solving skills. “This was the environment we wanted for our son. There was so much joy and happiness there—we just knew it was the right place for Creed.”


Presented By Truist
  • Festival of Trees 2021 Grand Opening Replay

    Festival of Trees 2021 Grand Opening - The Festival kicks off with special guests, a chance to meet some patients of Kennedy Krieger and a holiday performance from Grammy-nominated children’s band, Milkshake!

All videos were recorded in a safe manner in compliance with COVID-19 safety precautions.